Title Deeds

The Land Registry holds records of property detailing ownership along with interests and rights which affect ownership. Upon transfer of property you may need help in tracing those named on title deeds and the charges register. Our skilled researchers and cost effective tracing solution can help overcome obstacles in client transactions.

Types Of Restriction

There are various types of restrictions, some are standard terms set by the Land Registry, and others are unique restrictions. These can include mortgage restrictions where a lender has a claim on the property until the mortgage is repaid and a Form A restriction where a property may be registered by joint owners or tenants in common.

Selling A Property With A Restriction

A restriction is a common measure used by those wanting to protect their interests in a property and, when you’re selling a property with a restriction, it’s important to follow all the necessary rules related to that deed entry. The wording of the restriction will tell you what specific steps you need to take when disposing of the property and your conveyancer should ensure all required action is taken.

What Happens If The Chargee Has Died?

The death of a chargee does not always extinguish the liability owed by the charger and responsibility may pass to the estate of the deceased. We can help trace personal representatives of the deceased charge using our tried and trusted methods of research.

How can Finders International help?

Finders International are specialist tracing agents with a proven track record of helping property professionals in locating missing chargees, restriction owners and beneficiaries, joint-owners and tenants-in-common. Get in touch today for a free, no obligation quote

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