Surveyors may be consulted by clients seeking to extend the term of their leasehold property. Time is often of the essence and we can help with our proven, cost-effective and thorough service. We are an award-winning tracing agent firm with extensive knowledge and resources to help with files containing even the smallest amount of information.

Are you assisting a leaseholder or a prospective buyer?

Where a lease has less than 80 years to run, and the leaseholder or prospective buyer wants to extend it or acquire the freehold, we can trace freeholders even when only the name is held. Our comprehensive reports are suitable for Vesting Orders and, where necessary, verify the absence of a freeholder.
Finders International is a trusted firm of probate genealogists and are a leading voice within the industry. We have extensive experience and
expertise of finding missing people and access to all the resources needed to help clients.

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