Finders International is a world renowned, award winning tracing agent and can help with cases involving of missing freeholders and absent landlords. We provide a cost effective service to enable your clients’ cases are completed in a timely manner.

Are your clients trying to trace the missing freeholder of their property? Are they seeking a lease extension or re-mortgaging their leasehold property?

We can help identify and locate an absent or missing freeholder with minimal information using our expertise and experience.

How can Finders International help?

Our reports set out all steps taken to trace a missing freeholder and provide clarity to legal professionals and their clients. We offer a fast, efficient service and able to work to your deadlines.

How much do searches cost?

All of our quotes are prepared on a case-by-case basis and fees are set to the unique circumstances of each individual matter. We can find
missing people with even the smallest amount of information to start with. Quotes are provided 100% free of charge or obligation.

We will assess your case promptly and send you our recommendations.

Not quite sure how to proceed or if we can assist? Get in touch, we are here to help!